Programmatic Advertising

Precision in audience targeting

We distinguish your audience with exceptional accuracy in order to ensure that you reach the right person in the right context.

Cross-platform targeting

Despite of channel or device, we are able to sync creative messaging in order to ensure a cohesive experience for your prospective audience.

Tag management

We use a best-in-class tag management platform which allows us to collect actionable data from your website and enrol predictive modeling based on consumer interactions.

1st & 3rd party data

We utilise both 1st and 3rd party data in order to create and target ‘look-alike’ consumers that have more chances to convert.

Simplified advanced digital

We have expert operations team that leverage advanced capabilities in order to go beyond the basics of programmatic RTB making sure your campaign meets your goals.

Cross-device attribution

Obtain increased reach, deliver cross-screen effectiveness, and see a rise in conversions by leveraging attribution to track user actions across several devices.


Based on your business cycle, we optimize both the frequency and recency of retargeted ads with our leading retargeting capabilities in order to re-engage your prospects or customers based on their past behaviors and actions.

Dynamic creative optimization

Based on your website visitor’s recent activity, personalize the message and imagery of your ad in real time and drive increased engagement. As each and every person is unique, ads should be unique too.

Quantum & Programmatic RTB

Uncover the power of our performance-based optimization platform and how it takes the effectiveness of programmatic campaigns to another level.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising helps the organizations in distinguishing their audiences with exceptional accuracy, provides profound data about who is responding to an ad and removes a lot of the guesswork generally linked with ad purchases.

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