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Have a look at these chief resources in order to understand how we actually approach digital marketing in the education industry.

Blog Post

Consumers, in a given day, have this opportunity to engage with broadcast media and traditional print, mobile apps and desktop computers, satellite radio and television, online videos, and more.

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When it comes to recruiting students, native advertising is one of the crucial opportunities. The infographic shows what native advertising is and how it can be used successfully to connect with the potential students.

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Market Trends

The web proves to be really important for those in search of an education. 1 in 3 perspective student use video to do school research. This impacts marketing in the education industry.

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Case Study

Do you want to reach potential students? Know that your incoming students are digital natives and so you need to be where they are…. Online! Check out how programmatic ads can help you in getting there.

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There are a number of terms out there for programmatic ads… banner, display, RTB and so on. So, check out further what programmatic advertising actually is…

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