Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce advertising as it should be

Agile and optimized, personalized to your challenges, we help in creating a obstruction-free path toward purchase for your customers.


Return on Advertising Spend

Dynamic Facebook Ads
National Online Camera Retailer
(30 days)


Increase in Ecommerce Revenue

SEM & Shopping
National Online Auto Parts Retailer
(3 months)


Return on Advertising Spend

Quantum RTB, Search & Shopping
National Online Golf Retailer
(8 months)

Ecommerce Solutions

Making ordinary digital touchpoints extraordinary is the path towards converting today’s online B2B and B2C shoppers into online customers.
Let our sophisticated tools and services harmonize alongside your customers. offers a technologically advanced and comprehensive product suite for ecommerce.

Magellan (Display, Native, & Video)

Optimizes audiences from prospecting to remarketing, from awareness to conversion of top ecommerce KPIs.

Search (SEM, Shopping)

Optimizes for profit and price competitiveness; cutting-edge product bidding.

Feed Optimization

Increase product search relevance, reduce disapprovals, and grow sales.

Dynamic Ads

Promote and cross-sell relevant products across Display, Social or Shopping.

Magellan (Social)

Turbocharged social ads that drive the most leads and website conversions.

Online Support

An online support for all your technical as well as general queries.

Our goals are your goals. optimize for your personalized KPIs leveraging its powerful, data-driven ecommerce bidding strategies and proprietary Magellan platform in order to create repeatable and scalable success for ecommerce.

Performance-based technology

Our proprietary Magellan optimization platform analyzes performance and maximizes efficiency with your budget across your campaigns.

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