4 Questions To Ask Your Digital Marketing Agency

Programmatic, media planning, media buying are all meaningful strategies for any brand or company. While media buying can prove to be quite fruitful, there are plenty of traps and pitfalls that many advertisers can fall for. The current controversies from Google’s ad boycott, where many brands pulled Google and YouTube display ads because their ads were showing up next to extremist content, highlights the importance of having a great media agency. Here are some of the crucial questions you must ask your digital marketing agency before hiring.


  1. How Do You Measure Results?


Measuring results is very crucial. From the perspective of both the parties, understanding clearly how progress will be monitored and what success looks like will be better in the long run in order to avoid surprises later. If the digital marketing has a strong track record, there is a strong possibility that they will have a KPI system already in place. Know whether the way they measure align with your expectations or not. Depending on what is crucial for your business and what type of marketing you are doing, you might focus on cost per lead, monitoring traffic, conversion rate to a sale, and similar KPIs. What the digital agency specializes in will tell you a lot.

  1. What Does The Digital Marketing Agency Specialize In?

If you want to have a strong and efficient partner, knowing what your digital marketing agency specializes in is important. Know that digital marketing is a broad category with many type of digital services falling under its domain. When a digital marketing agency is clear on what they specialize in, it reflects that they have a clear sense of direction. The agency should also back that up with past work in order to help you validate that they go deep enough in a speciality that is paramount for your success.

  1. Who Has The Agency Worked With Previously?

This might very well be the most essential question in the entire selection process. By knowing the answer to this question, you’ll be able to get a better sense of whether or not this particular digital agency is a good fit for marketing your brand effectively. Sometimes, a digital marketing agency may say that they can offer a variety of different services, but that may not be the case in reality. So, by gathering this information, you will also find out whether or not the demographic that you are targeting has also been targeted by the agency in their previous projects.

  1. How Much Communication and Planning Will Be Necessary?

When you plan to hire your next digital marketing agency, it is important to come to an understanding on how much will be expected between the two parties in order to achieve the desired results. There are some digital media agencies that outsource part of the work that goes into the project, and so it is important to map out how much you will require to be involved in the early stages of the process and how complicated the process of communication and decision making will be on both sides.