Advertising Channels

Be in virtually every corner of the web with our multi-channel capabilities:


Known as one of the most powerful channels on the web, video ads bring in high levels of engagement. Videos are highly interactive, and users can't help but look at them.


Strengthen your branding efforts with's display channel. Reach targeted users by displaying your ads on relevant and high-quality websites.

Search's technology serves up your ads on relevant search results pages ensuring that you'll be able to touch base with people that are actively looking for your products and services.


Get in front of users by displaying your ads in relevant messages. Our email channel is unique because we use strict quality filters that weed out accidental clicks. That way, the only people that will see your ads are the consumers who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Be more likable online! Take advantage of's social channels to garner more fans, friends, and followers. Unlike other social media products though, we don't just focus on the number of likes and followers. We put more emphasis in turning those users into actual paying customers.


This innovative ad channel boosts the power of your campaign through thematic content matching. Our system identifies certain keywords within a site's content to ensure relevance. This way, we are able to deliver proper placement and display your ads in a suitable setting.


The "small screen" can have a big impact. Advertise on mobile devices and connect with users even when they're out and about.


Display your ads in apps and other downloadable products and establish a unique connection with users. People are generally more engaged when they're using apps and programs, so your ads will get more eyeballs and attention.